blockchain solutions.

We believe that every problem has its own way to be solved. Focused on consulting in blockchain technologies, the ICONIC team is experienced in both traditional investments and the emerging blockchain technology. We create solutions tailored for your goals.



Full cycle development.
Private and public blockchains. PoS, PoW, PoA based. Audit of decentralized applications.


Token economy.
Web interfaces to the contract's logic. Personal cabinets for users and operators.

Legal advisory

Full cycle SPV management. Tax&legal advisory.
AML / KYC / CFT compliance. Intellectual property management. SHA, T&C, Whitepaper.



Development of corporate identity.
Designing the UI / UX.
Sites. Animation.
Graphic and video presentations.

Communications & PR

Executing top-notch PR strategies for the ICO companies & blockchain startups. Providing founders with direct communication & execution of TIER-1 media all over the world.


Community management. Digital marketing management – context and targeting advertising, CPA networks. Email marketing. Social media management.


  • Photo of Sergey YakubanetsSergey
    Managing Partner
    • Co-founder at Aurora Venture Capital, Managing Director at RED Aircraft GmbH
    • Ex CIO at Metalloinvest
    • 20+ years of experience in Investment banking and project management (Renaissance Capital, VTB, Alfa Capital)
  • Photo of Ivan LadanIvan
    Managing Partner
    • Investment Director at SVI
    • Ex. Advisory to the board at Round Bank (YOTA, MEGAFON and Metalloinvest banking project)
    • 12+ years of experience in banking, fintech and project management
  • Photo of Oleg RavnushkinOleg
    Managing Partner
    • Founder, Managing Partner at Binomial Ventures
    • Ex Morgan Stanley, VTB Capital
    • 10+ years of experience in investment banking, principal investments, venture capital
  • Photo of Nikita KuznetsovNikita
    • Software and system architect. Full stack developer. ML/AI, Cryptography/PKI, Netsec, HA
    • 15+ years experience in software development
  • Photo of Mikhail PutyatinMikhail
    • Ex-manager at Exponea (London based IT developer) Ex. VTB Capital Research Analyst, Ex KPMG
    • Cryptocurrency investor and mining professional 4+ years
    • 8+ years experience in project management, valuation and research
  • Photo of Artyom GellerArtyom
    Chief Design Officer
    • Lead design chief of, Council of the Federation and Russian Government websites
    • CEO at LAB.AG
    • Art director at Redkeds и Actis studios
    • 18+ years of experience in UI/UX design
  • Photo of Alexey MinaevAlexey
    Head of Marketing
    • Head of Internet communications at 2GIS
    • Head of Brand communications at
    • Head of Social media at
    • 7+ years experience in marketing and brand communications
  • Photo of Anastasia ObukhovaAnastasia
    Project Manager
    • Project manager at Ashmanov and partners
    • Community manager at Svyaznoy group of companies
    • TV-producer (projects for 1 channel, MTV, TNT, NTV etc)
    • 7+ years experience in project management
  • Photo of FenrirDogeHead of Chain
    • 3+ years experience of chain management


  • Photo of Anna KlimovaAnna
    Legal Advisory
    • Senior associate at Beiten Burkhardt (International law firm with its headquarters based in Germany and offices in Germany, Belgium, China and Russia)
    • Professional focus on Finance, IT, Machinery, Electricity.
    • 12+ years of international law experience
  • Photo of Nikolai LegkodimovNikolai
    • Partner, Head of emerging technologies group @ KPMG, ex-CIO @ TNK-BP Downstream, co-founder of
    • 15+ years of experience in IT- related business development in Russia and US
  • Photo of Elena StepanenkoElena
    Legal Advisory
    • Special Counsel at Baker Botts, Moscow
    • Ex White & Case
    • 20 years of legal experience advising clients on various matters including banking and asset finance, VC investments, M&A and project finance, IT and different regulatory issues
  • Photo of Alexey PospekhovAlexey
    Executive Associate
    • Worked for CIS and international startups, NGO’s, public services & foreign government affairs
    • 10+ years in IT / Mobile Marketing and PR.
  • Photo of Trokhov MaximMaxim
    • Director of International Reporting Department at Vneshaudit Consulting, an audit firm located in Moscow. Former associate professor at Russian University of Economics.
    • Numerous researches on design and valuation of innovative financial instruments.
    • 10+ years of strong banking background and teaching experience.


  • Совкомбанк
  • Aurora Venture Capital Fund
  • KPMG Limited
  • Baker BottsBaker Botts